Martino Cartella – We offer a wide range of Business Support & Advice, drawing on over thirty-five years of personal experience in private industry, the community and voluntary sector & government. Martino Cartella, the MD, believes that a successful business is one where high staff morale, together with low labour turnover, is the key to good commercial results. When staff are happy and skilled, turnover is driven upwards, and this is a much easier task than driving costs downward. This entire approach has led to a unique way of approaching business training, aimed much more at people than at systems or money.

MARTINOMartino’s Philosophy: This arises from skills developed in a long career, culminating in accreditation as Investors in People adviser…..the most valued product in the government’s agenda for work force development.

Martino believes that organisations are a reflection of each individual staff member, and thus helps organisations develop their staff towards attaining personal bests. Martino has been highly commended for his approach in facilitating and in creating a participative and successful learning environment all levels of an organisation. Believing that it is important to engage participants in any learning process Martino bases its programmes on staff expectations, not rigidly adhering to a set format. Flexibility is an integral part of Martino’s facilitation and delivery. Martino believes that for a program to be successful it must take into account different participant learning styles; Martino’s delivery of any programme will draw on a range of approaches to achieve this, including needs analysis, small and large group work, facilitated discussion, action learning and research, fully supported with handouts to reinforce key learning objectives.

Key Skills:

  • Investors In People Development and Advice
  • Fundraising strategic development
  • Research and Audit
  • Leading, motivating and managing staff
  • Business planning
  • Partnership work
  • Managing change and supporting others through the process of change
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Mentoring
  • Long range assistance as non-executive Director
  • A commitment to the principles of Equal Opportunities


  • Registered Business Adviser, SFEDI
  • Registered Specialist Investors In People Adviser, IiP UK
  • Certificate in Fund Raising Management – The Institute of Fundraising
  • NVQ Level 4 – Management of Learning – OCR
  • B. Sc. (Hon) in International Marketing
  • Diploma of Accountant