All seminars
ONE DAY £350.00
HALF DAY £200.00

Seminars/Workshops Delivery time Duration
1. How to Become Self Employed
A comprehensive explanation of how to become self employed
½ day
2. Ditto, for Disabled Persons
Includes disability issues
½ day
3. Business Planning
How to prepare a comprehensive business plan for funders, loan managers and investors
1 day
4. Time Management
How to improve productivity and personal efficiency
1 day
5. Selling Skills
Two days of training in all the selling techniques from finding clients to closing sales.
2 days
6. Growing Pains
The issues confronting small growing businesses and how to face them
1 day
7. Getting Ready for IiP recognition
Embedding a culture of Investors In People and getting ready to be assessed and recognised
3 days
8. Access to Finance
How to find finance for your business
½ day
9. Access to Funding
How to find funding for your social enterprise
½ day
10. How to finance Start Up and Growth
Growing without external financing
½ day
11. The Third Sector
What is it: a detailed description
½ day
12. The Basics of Finance
Basic principle of running a business
1 day
13. Financial management for Small Businesses
The same in a shortened version
½ day
14. Funding for VCS Groups
Where to find funding for voluntary organisations
½ day
15. Support & Funding
Where to find free business support and soft loans
½ day
16. Mission: Governance
How to run social enterprises
½ day
17. Bookkeeping training
How to keep your books
1 day
18. Governance & Funding for Social Enterprises
How to run social enterprises and obtain funding
1 day
19. Financial Management for Small Businesses
How to manage a small business
1 day
20. Introduction to VAT
What it means, who should register and how to manage it.
½ day

• The price will include all the handouts, sign in sheets, evaluation forms and the PowerPoint Presentation
• Client must supply laptop, projector, flipchart, markers and pens.
• Client will also supply refreshments
• Payment to be made in advance against presentation of the Invoice