Price List

One offCompany Formation: Ltd, LLP, By Guarantees, Etc.
Advice & setting up a Limited Company in the UK (including all standard documentation)650.00
One OffPublic Limited Company, PLC
Minimum Share Capital 50Kt.b.a.
AnnualRegistered Office
Legal Requirement250.00[1]
MonthlyConsultancyFor a minimum period of 12 months. Supported by a Consultancy agreement250.00
Company Secretary only
Only statutory requirements250.00
One offVAT Registration
Compulsory only if Turnover is over £85,000350.00
QuarterlyVAT Returns£150 per quarter150.00
£50 per quarter50.00
One off
PAYE Registration
Only if you have employees350.00
MonthlyPayslips£15 per employee15.00
Confirmation Statement
Compulsory at the end of the first year and then each year thereafter150.00
AnnualMail ForwardingOnly if needed – £1.00 PER DAY365.00

One off

Bank Account

Only if Needed
Dormant Accounts
Compulsory if Company is NOT trading250.00
Monthly  Bookkeeping
Monthly management accounts, Set up and completion of entries of sales, bills, receipts, expenses, bank statements reconciliation, etc.
Year End Accounts & Corporation Tax Returns

Completing and filing annual accounts and tax returns:  Prepare the Year End Accounts and file them with Companies House and HMRC, prepare the C/Tax Return al calculate tax if due. It can be paid by monthly or quarterly Standing Order.
Director’s Tax Return
Personal Tax Return Assessments only if required1,000.00[7]
FeesConsultancyWorking day as directed by BEIS[8]: 6 hours.£100.00 per hour
£260.00 half day
£500.00 one day.
EachContractsShareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Management Agreements, etc£300.00



Compulsory policies £30 Additional special policies £50

Other services

Admin, secretarial, translation, legal, tax advice, debt collection, etc.

Available on demand
Professinal Liability Insurance

Assistance given to source the best one for both the Individual or the Company. The insurance will need to be negotiated directly with the provider.
Available on demand
PS: All fees to be paid in advance. Prices already quoted in writing in 2020 will be honored.

[1] Only offered if together with a consultancy agreement

[2]For both Business and Personal Accounts subject to Bank Regulations in existence on the day. As of December 2020, no Business Current accounts are available to non-residents Directors. Resident Directors need to have at least 50% of shares.

[3] A Nominee Director Agreement to be signed by the parties

[4] A Nominee Shareholder Agreement to be signed by the parties

[5] Only for annual turnover up to £100K and for the first year only; to review if over and after one year.

[6] As above. If over the limit to be agreed by the parties.

[7] For each Director

[8] department of business energy and industrial strategy