Bergamo Associates History

Since 1975, when Martino arrived in London to manage a Swiss/Italian Company, he assisted Italian on a personal basis, who wished to trade in London or set up a legal presence there. When Martino Cartella, returned to London, after a 3 years stint working for a multinational in New York, in 1984 on the first of August he Incorporated Bergamo Services UK Limited and Bergamo Associates Limited. Over the years, even while working for other Employers or Governments, Martino continued to advise and support Italian Clients. In 2010 Bergamo Services UK Limited was dissolved and all Business was concentrated on Bergamo Associates Limited.

The Company now specialises in assisting Italian SME’s to transfer their business in the UK, all the way through, starting from Incorporation to opening Business Bank Accounts to supporting and Advising them for the first 12 months.

Since Brexit, the Company has diversified and has clients from the UK, Mauritius, Dubai and Australia and it is open to potential clients living or being residents in Italian-English-French-Spanish- Speaking Countries.