Being in business can be tough.

In the times we live in, the bureaucratic pressure can be unbearable and you may not know where to turn to for thoughtful help and advice.

You wonder to yourself whether a business adviser or mentor can possibly know enough about your company to be useful.

Maybe, in stating the question, you define part of your own problem.

Maybe the force of events, the urgency to find new solutions, the incessant pressure of detail, the burden of having to look at everything at once, is exactly the reason for your struggle.

This is where external advice comes into its own. Such as moving to a new country with easier systems and lighter tax pressures and get someone to help you.

Someone who is not burdened by details, who doesn’t know the business inside out, is the best placed to take the wider view, to evaluate the priorities and to offer experience that was gained in other similar situations.

Bergamo Associates gained its reputation for clarity and positive thinking in exactly this way over 30 years.

There are hundreds of business owners in England, Italy and the EU who have cause to be glad of the clear thinking and case history experience that Bergamo Associates brings to every business problem.

This matter of case history experience is immensely important.

When we are asked to give advice about a problem or an issue, we are not guessing, not giving an unqualified opinion.

We are reflecting on similar cases that we have dealt with, the action that was taken and the results that were achieved.

In other words, we know what woks and what doesn’t.

Business problems do not crop up in isolation; they affect all specialisations and need an intelligent and wide ranging solution.

The fact is that Bergamo Associates has never encountered a business problem where it could not be helpful; never met a situation where it could not bring the owner a measure of comfort and relief.

Beginning to work with Bergamo Associates is a low risk decision. The first consultation, the fact finding mission, will be free.

You will be told, after just a brief meeting, what we can do, how long it will take and what it will cost.